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April 3, 2024 Preparing For Relaunch Of Women In Podcasting

Preparing For Relaunch Of Women In Podcasting

As I prepare for the relaunch of Women In Podcasting tomorrow, I reflect on the incredible journey of the past 19 years, ensuring that women have a strong voice in the podcasting world.
Back in 2004, when I began speaking on stages to teach podcasting, I found myself mostly explaining what a podcast was to audiences from the US to China.
My realization of how huge digital media was going to be, hit me when one day while I was jogging in the park with my cd player strapped to my arm, sorting through my collection of 10 whole songs. When the iPod was released in 2001, and those 10 songs jumped to 1000, it was incredible.
Once I saw Adam Curry demonstrate the XML feed creation, that sparked a revolution in my mind. I started recording my audios and running them through my hand crafted feed, to a button that people had to click on, grab the feed and then put into an aggregator, and then hopefully listen to the episode on their iPod. Frankly, most people ran out a steam before they got to the listening part.
I started my first two podcasts in 2004, W.I.R.E.D. (Women Internet Results Experts Development) and Women Leading the Way. With the latter, I interviewed all the top Women CEO’s for WITI (including the last two women of ENIAC, what an honor), 12 interviews in 2 weeks. I then edited them and turned them into a podcast for a live event.
I had also created FMG Network in 2004, showcasing radio and TV episodes, this next jump to podcasting was the clear path to go, but at the time, there were not a whole lot of people to create the networks as I had envisioned them.
My next step was to teach myself HTML and PHP to make the websites myself. Over the years, my skills have greatly improved, and I now create all my websites for FMG Networks, VOW Media, Podcast School and Women In Podcasting.
Now, with the upcoming relaunch, I’m thrilled to unveil a new era for Women In Podcasting. Our directory will feature an array of outstanding women podcasters, allowing listeners to bookmark favorites, compare shows, and connect directly with hosts.
Additionally, WIP FM (Women In Podcasting Radio) will stream shows, giving people a chance to hear episodes they normally would not come across, and introducing a voting system for the monthly top 10 podcasts. Our magazine and podcast will then spotlight these incredible women podcasters, illuminating their talents and stories.
We’ve come a long way baby, but the journey continues. I’m excited to illuminate the path ahead and celebrate your voices in the ever-expanding world of podcasting!
I can’t wait to shine a light on you!